July 11, 2019

Safety at work

Health and Safety Policy at Elektro – Agent d.o.o. is an integral part of Business Policy, which is based on the establishment of a market-oriented business system whose basic principle alongside the improvement of quality and the continuous improvement of the system of health and safety at work while respecting:
  • Relevant laws and regulations relating to safe and healthy work in the enterprise,
  • Requirements of ISO standards with special attention to the implementation of plans, procedures and necessary support programs and implementation of this Policy.

Company goals Elektro – Agent d.o.o.

To ensure a safe working environment for all employees, buyers and visitors, investing in safe equipment and safety at work,
To continuously improve the systems and processes of protection of health and safety,
To promote work safety by raising awareness of safety and health at work (OH & S) among employees and customers and to improve organizational safe culture.

The health and safety at work policy is a framework for goals. The implementation of this policy requires the support of all employees in the company and the following general goals of health and safety at work are defined:

  • Ensuring safe and healthy work environments, including security systems as well as a safe environment, equipment and tools, eliminating unsafe working conditions,
  • Provision of the most optimal and most appropriate personal protective equipment,
  • Keeping pace with modern accident prevention techniques by monitoring and applying the latest standards on health and safety at work,
  • Help employees in rehabilitation after an accident and ensure fast and unimpeded return to work as soon as possible,
  • Defining the responsibilities of managers and other responsible persons on issues of security and the protection of the health of employees subordinated to them,
  • Assessing risks for all work activities and establishing adequate control marriages to minimize or eliminate them,
  • Determining a safe work system for all those activities that have or could have a significant impact on the safety and health of employees, their implementation and monitoring to determine their effectiveness and effectiveness in ensuring the health, security and well-being of all stakeholders,
  • Timely information of all interested parties on the effectiveness of health and safety at work in the most efficient way,
  • Responsibility for health and safety at work is shared between employees, managers and companies:

Employee Responsibility:

  • Every employee is responsible for their own health,
    Employees are obliged to respect all company procedures and rules related to health and safety at work,
  • Employees must be aware of their health and safety at work.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Managers are responsible for ensuring that no decision is made that may adversely affect the health and safety of employees,
  • Managers are committed to advancing and protecting the physical and mental health of their employees,
  • Managers must be an example of security and casual health care for other employees.

Company Responsibility:

  • Establishment, maintenance and improvement of safety and health at work in accordance with the law,
  • Education of employees on health and safety at work,
  • Regular risk assessment and disclosure of risk employees related to each individual working position,
  • Establishing annual health and safety prevention programs at work,
  • All employees are obliged to react when they see work safety being called into question.

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