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Elektro-Agent d.o.o. is a 100% privately owned company, located in Bukinje, the industrial zone of Tuzla city. The company was founded in 1991 and started its work with only 5 employees. In their development path, thanks to management, employees and their knowledge has developed into a factory that currently employs 84 workers. The production facility was initially based on the production of electrical installation pipes, but in a short period of time Knuth, Olmas and Miller have been procured, which have influenced the production program change and enabled the product variety. In the further development and expansion of production, we are investing and purchasing advanced CNC beacons and lasers, thus bringing the quality of our products to the highest level, in particular to meet the demanding foreign market. It has 5,912 m² of which 3,500 sqm under the roof. Within the business area of ​​”Kreka Sjever”, the land has a total area of ​​4,877 m² for a total period of 80 years, with a urban permit and a building permit under construction. It owns a fleet of 4 passenger and 10 freight vehicles. Elektro-Agent has complete infrastructure, asphalted circuit, parking lot, internet, administrative building, production halls divided into metal, wood and plastic plants, ready-made warehouse, packing, assembly, equipped restaurant for workers, cafe and kitchen for Guests, video surveillance with 32 cameras. The whole company is air-conditioned, while the production halls are heated on pellets. Production facilities are: cutting, laying, welding, electrostatic powder coating, joinery, production of flexible pipes, machining and pipe processing and bending. The company owns a retail facility in Lukavac of 180 m2, retail space within the company as well as Snack bar “Giardino” in ul. ZAVNOBIH no. 13. The vision of the company is reflected in the following: We are present on the market in the country and abroad over 28 years and working with the most demanding customers and the largest commodity centers we have set ourselves the obligation of continuous improvement by investing in the development of new products and new technologies, power is a key factor in production. Affordable prices, high quality services and product quality have resulted in today we are cooperating with more than 500 permanent customers, with the largest chains and we are oriented towards exporting to the EU.


We have more than 800 standard products in our assortment, and taking into account products that are tailored to customer orders, this number becomes twice as big.

  1. Agricultural Tools

    Traditionally designed tools for all kinds of agricultural works, activities and hobbies in the garden. Shovels, axes, mots, fairies, rake, hoe and cricket are made for easy and safe use.

  2. Garden furniture and barbecues

    Benches and desks, as well as swings for children, making each garden pleasant and comfortable. We have a rich variety of cargo-sized and practical carhine furnaces, as well as a plate rack and a bowl for preparing meat and vegetables.

  3. Construction program

    Hinges for shingles, stairs, construction glass, beams, crevices, clamshells, grommet, concrete supports – are a sure choice for quality construction. A special segment of this program consists of polypropylene flexible pipes made of five different sections.

  4. Household products and girders

    We manufacture clamps, antenna mounts, air conditioning and shelf, L bearings, baglots and erections, hooks and brackets in over 100 different dimensions of different uses. Household products include canopies, postcards, parking barriers and shelves that are easy to install and can be tailored to customers’ wishes.

  5. Winter program

    The most sold metal bobsleds in BiH are the product of the Elektro-Agent company. A wealth of equipment for combustion (jigs, mares, rabbits, prunes), baking sets, stoves and woodcocks make the winter days warmer and more enjoyable in the homes of many customers. In the assortment we also have snow shovels and shovels for the car.


Elektro Agent’s Mission: It is necessary to prevent the departure of our workforce from our home state, creating better working conditions and investing in workers. Appropriate salary for work is an extremely important factor, but it is even more important to create such an environment that every employee feels as part of a collective, to do his job diligently and to know that the success of the entire company is the success of every employee. With its offer of everyday products and services to create the best conditions for consumers and with professional and motivated workers to provide the best service and pleasant shopping for consumers in a pleasant environment.

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Amela Salihović
+387 35 301 006
Nedim Nezirović
+387 35 301 005
Mirsada Turčinović
+387 35 301 003
Sanel Karabegović
+387 35 301 000

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Technical service

74Agricultural Tools
29Garden furniture and barbecues
150Construction program
110Winter program

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